Monday, February 4, 2013

Dragon city

I played this dragon city game like 3 months ago and i'm kinda addictive to it. But now this game seems boring to me so recently i played galaxy life but then they blocked me and accused me that i'm using some kind of cheat which sounds very funny to me...(you can read from the galaxy life post).

i feel boring because i already collected all of the pure and legendary one. :( feels like nothing much to do already, even the tournament already reached diamond level 6 (the maximum) i feel fed up to fight these 3 monster (because they keep reply the diamond level 6). Pure metal level 30, crystal level 30, and wizard level 30. =__________=

ice and fire dragon...i always fail play this wheel of fortune =___=

i think the prize is queen dragon with the deep forest dragon...agree?

they need to add extra's to packed already :(

i didn't said i'm pro in this. I just wanna give suggestion to all newbie who recently play this:
*this game isn't worth to spend money for (you can get gems easily from tournament and combat also if u log in 5 days u get gems also)

basicially i spend my game on this:
fill up the friend (if ur habitat,etc need friend to help u to build, if u have enough friends u no need use on this)
-buy temple
-buy fire island (25 gems)
-buy another island (100 gems)

others is so not important for u to spend : boost breeding or getting new dragon.

suggestion to this developer: please add more powerful dragon for us to breed, add another level of tournament, give more extension space.

and here is very powerful link for all dc user:
dragon city wikia

bye guys~ meet u in the dream land!

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